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The Mid-Term Project is worth 100 points. Please download this document to your computer and save it using the naming convention specified in the course syllabus. For the Mid-Term Project you will be using the MM207 Student Data Set, the survey codebook, and StatCrunch as necessary. You should enter your answers/responses directly after the question. There is no need to retype the project. After completing and saving the project, submit your project in the Mid-Term Drop Box. In the course, go to Unit 4 -> Instructor Graded Project -> StatCrunch to access the MM207 Student Data Set. When the page loads you will need to click on Data Set on the left side of the page. You do not need a StatCrunch ID or a password to access the data set;…show more content…
Assume that you are preparing a report on MM207 statistics students at Kaplan University to present to the Kaplan Board of Trustees. Prepare an appropriate graphical representation for each of the following variables. a) The different majors of students taking MM207. b) The number of hours spent on school work by students in MM207. 9. Using the range rule of thumb estimate the standard deviation for the number of credit hours students in this sample are taking and the shoe sizes of the females in the class. Then using StatCrunch compute the actual standard deviation. Compare the results. a) Does the range rule of thumb overestimate or underestimate the standard deviation for number of credit hours? -The range rule of thumb over estimates the standard deviation for credit hours. The estimates deviation is 3.75 while the actual is 2.56 b) Does the range rule of thumb overestimate or underestimate the standard deviation for shoe sizes of females? -The range rule of thumb overestimates again this time only by a little, with the estimate at 1.75 and the actual at 1.29. c) How does the shape of the distribution impact what you conclude? -The shape of both data sets fall within the rule of thumb estimate and that actual standard deviation. There is a much high range for both and that is because there are several data samples that fall outside of the standard deviation. 10. Using measures of center

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