MMA vs Boxing

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Throughout world history people have enjoyed watching two men compete in hand to hand combat. Professional boxing made its debut here in America around the turn of the 20th century. Unlike boxing, mixed martial arts is a relatively new sport. Both sports are very technical and require their fighters to be in superb condition. Many fighters train all their life to make it big, but few ever get there. Although both sports are immensely popular, one stands alone as the dominant sport. In this paper I 'll prove that the sport of MMA is more technical, more exciting, and much safer than boxing.

The first thing I 'd like to discuss is how these sports structure their fights. Both boxing and MMA are scored using a ten-point must system. This
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A boxer could try to unify the belt, capturing all the titles of the different organizations, but this is not likely. In the UFC, mixed martial arts ' major organization, there is only one champion for each weight class. So the heavyweight champion is just that, the undisputed heavyweight champion. Granted, there are small MMA organizations, but they are like the minor leagues in baseball. This is where most young MMA fighters get their start.

The fact is that every fan wants to see action, not a couple guys dancing around. This is why the UFC is only interested in fighters who are willing to compete and put on a good show. Whether someone pays the money to watch an event in person, or watch an event on pay-per-view, they expect to see an actual competition. If all they see is two men dancing around trying to wear each other out, they are going to start losing interest in the sport. This is what is happening in boxing today. The question to be asked shouldn 't be if MMA is dominant over professional boxing. The question should be why boxing is still legal?The final facet of the two sports I want to discuss is safety. Both sports are sanctioned by an athletic commission that can approve, deny, revoke, or suspend all licenses for unarmed combat. The fight takes place with a referee in the ring, or the cage, with the fighters. Doctors are always on hand as well. These measures
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