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Running Head: MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan IT Strategic Solutions – MMT2 Task 2 Communication Plan Western Governor’s University 1 MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan 2 A. Communication Plan for Implementing Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System The SWOT analysis conducted on AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure revealed some threats and opportunities that must be properly addressed in order to prepare the company for the planned expansion into the east coast. One of the threats identified was the vulnerability of the wireless network. The proposed technology initiative determined as the solution to the problem is to implement an adaptive wireless intrusion prevention system. As discovered in the SWOT analysis,…show more content…
Communicating with External Stakeholders Company Shareholders Initial contact with the company shareholders will be made via a conference call scheduled to introduce the infrastructure upgrade team to them. During the call, all attendees will be given a dedicated contact phone number and email address as well as the contact information of the internal stakeholders best suited to address any concerns they may have. They will also be given access to the aforementioned upgrade report and asked to review it at their convenience. Another meeting will be scheduled a week later to give them the same Power Point presentation given to the internal stakeholders updated to reflect any changes and suggestions given by the internal stakeholders. After the presentation, a question and answer session will be conducted to address any questions the shareholders may have. The meeting would be recorded and made available to any shareholder who could not attend the live webcast and they would be instructed MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan 5 to forward all their questions to the dedicated contact email provided them in the initial conference call. Current clients, vendors and partners of AEnergy One of the ways the proposed upgrade plan would be communicated to AEnergy Clients and partners would be through a company newsletter. Another medium for communication is to publish a press release on the

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