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Brunel University MSc Engineering Management Module Title: MN5506 Managing People & Organisations Module Tutor: Mr Colin McEwen Assignment Title: Assignment 2 – Innovation Management Word Limit: 3000 Words Student Number: 0931494Index Part 1 – Value Creation 3 Part 2 – Managerial Planning and Goals 5 Part 3 – Innovation Management 7 Part 4 – Strategic Leadership 9 Part 5 - References 11 Part 6 – Appendices 12 Assignment/Coursework Proforma 12 Part 1 – Value Creation Below in table 1 is a comparison of a number of wearable smart watches that are available from a number of manufactures and details of key features. Wearable Technology – The SMART Watch Manufacturer & Name Key Features Advantages Over Competitors Target…show more content…
There is a need for contingency planning and potentially have a diverse product range to limit the risk of one product. Economic Future: Key points – assuming you are a UK based company, the potential uncertainty in the Euro zone e.g. countries leaving the Euro zone, fluctuation with exchange rates. Proposed managerial planning objectives – Similar to the political future, keep abreast of potential changes and have contingency plans in place, e.g. a supplier could be based in Europe so the company could look at secondary

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