MNGT 350 Exam #1 Essay

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Test 1 Mgmt 350 Name___________________ Score______/80 1. "The number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months." This observation is known as ________ Law. A) Murphy's B) Moore's C) Amdahl's D) Metcalfe's Answer: B 2. Which of the following is an example of the hardware component of an information system? A) Web browser B) operating system C) microprocessor D) data file Answer: C 3. The five-component framework of an information system consists of computer hardware, software, data, people, and ________. A) bugs B) procedures C) device drivers D) tools Answer: B 4. Which of the following is NOT a key element of the definition of management information systems (MIS)? A)…show more content…
Which of the following is true regarding characteristics of good information? A) Information needs to be more than just barely sufficient for the purpose for which it is generated. B) Information must hold an appropriate relationship between its cost and its value. C) Information that is accurate can be based on incomplete data. D) Information must be just recorded facts and figures. Answer: B 21. Porter's five competitive forces can be grouped into two types: forces related to ________ and forces related to supply chain bargaining power. A) pricing B) labor C) competition D) consumers Answer: C 22. The competitive strategy of an organization determines its ________. A) industry rivals B) short-term goals C) value chains D) structure Answer: C 23. If a company produces a uniquely formulated anti-ageing face cream targeted at women above the age of forty, which of the following competitive strategies is it following? A) industry-wide low cost B) industry-wide differentiation C) focused low cost D) focused differentiation Answer: D 24. ________ includes general management, finance, accounting, legal, and government affairs. A) Human resources B) Research and development C) Firm infrastructure D) Operations management Answer: C 25. Which of the following is true of a value-chain? A) It is a network of value-creating activities. B) It consists of only primary activities. C) It is specific to

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