MNGT 5590: Organizational Behavior

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In the time it has taken me to complete the IT Management course of study at Webster University I have learned that there are additional tasks that I was previously unaware of in regard to the management of Information Technology. Although I work in the IT field, my adult education was anchored in the Psychology field where the use of IT assets is limited at best. Learning the importance and relevance of organizational behavior, finance, communication systems, project management, procurement, systems analysis, and communications security in regards to IT management was mostly new to me. I chose to write this essay to show the way each subject that was required for the IT Management degree affected my capstone project.
MNGT 5590: Organizational Behavior In this course I learned some of the nuances to managing groups and individuals in an organizational structure. In my current and previous jobs this has been a part of my duties, however, there were additional aspects of organizational behavior that I had not considered. Group dynamics was one of the subjects in organizational behavior that I had never reflected on, considering my background in psychology,
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This was primarily because I did not have a base of reference for the costs or model numbers of the items that were referred to in the project. This would have given me a understanding of what needed to be replaced and what systems could be retained. Additionally, for my project I did not have any budget constraints which I would rely on to schedule my server relocation and replacement plan to avoid budget overrun. The ability to read the financial status reports would also help me to understand when portions of my server and services consolidation project were denied or delayed by company leadership due to budget
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