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MNP231 Administering Windows Server 2008 MOAC Lab Review Questions Lab 01 Review Questions 1. In Exercise 4, you added a boot image to the Windows Deployment Services console. Describe how a computer on the same network as the WDS server can boot using that image. 2. What two basic methods capture an image of a Windows Server 2008 computer by using the tools you installed in this lab? Lab 02 Review Questions 1. In Exercise 3, which of the New Zone Wizard pages would not appear if you opted to store your zones in Active Directory? 2. In Exercise 5, why would the lack of a static IP address be a problem, considering that DHCP clients use broadcast transmissions to locate DHCP servers? 3. The Windows DHCP server enables you to configure…show more content…
Why does the Lab04 file appear in the Documents folder on your partner server when you originally created it on your own server? 2. In Exercises 3 and 5, you used the RDC client to connect to your partner server on two separate occasions, once interactively and once using the RDP file you created. How can you tell from this experience that the RDP file includes the settings you configured in the client before you created the RDP file? 3. When you opened two separate RemoteApp applications on your computer using your partner server as the client. How many sessions did you open on the terminal server by launching these two applications? How can you tell? Lab 05 Review Questions 1. In Exercise 2, you used the Sharing and Storage Management console to create a simple volume. What must you do to create a different volume type such as a mirrored, striped, or RAID-5 volume? 2. In Exercise 5, you accessed a DFS namespace using the Contoso domain name. One reason for creating a domain-based namespace instead of a standalone namespace is to suppress the server name in the namespace path. Why is suppressing the server name considered an advantage? 3. In Exercise 5, you accessed the DFS namespace on your partner server and modified a file called Budget. Explain why the file you modified was actually stored on your own server and not the partner server. 4. In Exercise 4, when you created a domain-based namespace, the Enable

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