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ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT TO HELP CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OVER COMPETITORS TO GROW THEIR COMPANY. By Apoorv Awasthi PGDM (Marketing) 13A3HP008 MANAGEMENT PROJECT 1 SEMESTER III IMT HYDERABAD OCTOBER 29th 2014 A REPORT ON ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT TO HELP CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES GAIN COMPRTITIVE ADVANTAGE OVER COMPETITORS TO GROW THEIR COMPANY By - Apoorv Awasthi PGDM (Marketing) 13A3HP008 Prepared for: Mr. Kalyan C Chejarla Faculty – Operations & Analytics IMT Hyderabad \ Management Project 1 (30/7/2014 to 29/10/2014) COPYRIGHT NOTICE Copyright © 2014 by Apoorv Awasthi All rights reserved. No part of this report may be…show more content…
Around 16 per cent of the nation's working population depends on construction for its livelihood and creates assets worth over 200 billion per annum. Total capital expenditure of state and central government was approximately Rs.8,021 billion in 2011-12 which rose from Rs.1,436 billion in 1999-2000. The share of the Indian construction sector in total gross capital formation (GCF) came down from 60 per cent in 1970-71 to 34 per cent in 1990-91. Thereafter, it increased to 48 per cent in 1993-94 and stood at 44 per cent in 1999-2000. In the 21st century, there has been an increase in the share of the construction sector in GDP and capital formation. The main reason for this is the increasing emphasis on involving the private sector infrastructure development through public private partnerships (PPPs) and mechanisms like build-operate-transfer (BOT). LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction to the Indian Construction Industry The Construction Industry in India is the second largest employer of the country after agriculture, accounting for 11% of India’s GDP. It employs more than 3.5 crores people & its total market size is estimated at Rs. 2,48,000 crores. The level of a country’s development is reflected by its infrastructure & the desperate need for infrastructure development has increased the demand of the construction industry in India. The Indian Construction industry can be divided
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