MP3 Piracy Essay

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MP3 PIRACY TOPIC PARAGRAPH:      The trading of MP3's or digital music over the Internet is all ways going to be prevalent part of the music industry, and is an unrealistic goal to try to control. The cost of controlling the piracy issues over the Internet would cost record companies more money than what they are losing due to MP3 trading. The record industry is trying to fight the major sites and companies in court with copyright suits. Quinlan states “ Although downloading music over the Internet and playing it back on computer or portable digital music players has become increasingly popular, major record labels have been slow to embrace distribution over the Web because of the difficultly in…show more content…
     The main legal controversy involved with MP3 file’s is that they are being traded around the Internet without the artist consent of the artist or record companies. Kimmel (1997) states the following: It seem obvious that the use of MP3 technology does not for the most part, meet the requirements, set by the Copyright Law of 1976, to clam fair use for educational purposes. These arguments can include protection gaps, where copyright treaties only protect material for a certain amount of time, thus making produced and distributed after this gap has expired legal. Another legal justification of bootleg recordings is that the copyright is not owned by the artist, publisher, or record company, though this defense has not been as successful as the protection gap defense. This is what is making it easy for sites to be around such as and programs such as Napster.            Length, format, and approximate size of a 5 minute music files. Format     Size WAV     60 MB RealAudio     ~1 MB MP3     5 MB      The chief argument theat states is thus Robertson (2000) says “ When a consumers buys a CD, does the industry get to tell the
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