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Sem 2 Planning, Control and Management Control Systems Textbook: ch 1 Management And Control Management is the process of organizing resources and directing activities for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. Other books: Functions: product (or service) development; operations; marketing/sales; finance. Resource: people; money; machines; information. Processes: objective setting; strategy formulation; control This books focus on control: the backend of management. Objective setting: knowledge of objectives is a necessary prerequisite for the design of any control or MCS and indeed, for any purposeful activates. Strategy formulation: strategies define how organizations should use their resources to meet their…show more content…
2 What are the potential problems in the theatre? What further controls would you implement to minimise them? Problem Details Theft/Fraud Refreshment stand Handling of tickets Attendant failed to collect cash from customers or failed to ring up the sale on the cash register. Tickets issued of the wrong colour or with the wrong dates in the ticket stub box A significant number of free theatre passes with Bill Reilly’s signature Suspicion that the ticket collectors admitting their friends who had not purchased ticket. Motivational issues Self-interest(manager and employees) Acting in self interest at the expense of the theatre’s best interests Costs Size of the business The theatre is small with a limited budget Lack of leadership Management problems at the top Leo(owner) over-reliant on his nephew Bill 3. Further control Problem Details Refreshment Stand Daily inventory controls-stock taking the number of inventory at open and close of shifts Introduce video cameras at refreshment stands Ticket Handling Introduce video cameras at ticket booths Random inspection of stub-box Computerised ticketing system Remove Bill(nephew) and hire someone more qualified Training and development program for employees Employee incentive scheme (bonuses, awards package) Centralisation

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