MPHS Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
About MPHS
Messi Preparatory High School (MPHS) was found in 2017, as a private institution for young men and women under the direction of three founders. MPHS is located on a 22 acres campus near University of Houston main campus and provides a rigorous student centered academic setting for students grade 9th-12th. During the anticipation to the first inaugural academic year, MPHS will be granted with more than in financial assistance from the Federal and State taxes. The main goal of the institution is for all graduating seniors to attend college after finishing our program. MPHS will be submitting an application soon be accredited by the South Association of Colleges and Schools, the Texas Education Department, and Texas
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MPHS will be a The Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is a hybrid form of business enterprise that will offer the tax advantages of a partnership. LLC do not pay taxes on the entity, rather profits are gone through the LLC and paid personally by company members. MPHS will have obtained a Texas (EIN) state LLC certificate and be listed as a for-profit business/corporation. MPHS will obtain a federal tax identification and sales tax ID for retail of private school materials, items, merchandise and food…show more content…
B. Market information
Target consumers
Demographic research indicates that, Messi Preparatory High School (MPHS) should have opportunities to capture students for incoming freshman grade. According to the American Bureau of Census 2014, Houston population has 2.25 million people approximately. According to consensus from the years 2009-2013, high school degree graduates or higher are approximately 75% and in bachelors or higher degree or 29.2%.
City of Houston (2009-2013) The average household income was $59,534.00. The college education attainment was 30.9% and the unemployment rate was 4.6%. The age category age of 18 under was 17% and above was 75%. The population growth was 22%. The percentage of White/Caucasian was 50.5%, Black/African-American was 23.7% percent and Hispanic/Latino was 43.8% percent.

Market research
According to the primary research, there are currently a total 292 public schools in Houston, 58 are public high schools in which 83 are middle school and 182 are elementary schools. There are 376 private schools in Houston, 85 private high schools, elementary schools 319, and 257
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