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A report of an analysis of a management control problem due to the relocation of the main gymnasium and IT equipment to a new facility within ........

Author: PIB7968083

Addressee: P Mells

Date: 19.06.2014

Executive Summary

Due to the increase in numbers of new recruits joining the ....... and an increase in the numbers of the Ship’s Company, relocation to a new gymnasium and office is required, which I have been tasked to organise. This needs to be achieved and completed mainly over a weekend, Friday to Monday, to limit interruptions to Initial Naval Training.

The report analyses the problems and issues that may arise with the gymnasium being relocated to it’s new venue and will use the
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• Relocate IT equipment and install within the required time frame.

• Relocate office furniture to the new office.

• Relocate all members of staff to the new facilities.

• All equipment and personnel to be in place and the facilities to be opened, operational and ready for use within the agreed 4-day period.

• Maintain good communication and relationships with all MOD contractors, sub contractors and staff members involved with the relocation.

2.2 Stage 2 - Plan, Identify Markers and Carry out Task

The identification of task to be completed is as follow:

• All gym equipment to be dismantled and placed onto transport for the relocation. Liaising with the contractors to confirm dates and times for this to be completed. (1 day).

• Relocate the gym equipment to the new facilities and install the machines. Contractors will erect and install all equipment. Contractors have been assigned to complete this task (1 day).

• Relocate all IT equipment for installation by the IT department, this will involve members of staff loading and unloading the equipment. (1 day).

• Move all office equipment, members of staff and personal equipment to the new office. The PT Department will be responsible for this task (1 day).

Now that the tasks have been identified the mnemonic SCHEME (BX628 Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 106) can been used to help list any issues in the plan.

S = space Space is available due to the new
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