MS Office Integration

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MS Office Integration simplifies the sharing of information. Working in a medical office is a prime example of how information is shared. We have doctors, nurses, EMT’s, office personnel and patients all sharing the same network. In receiving an initial call from a patient, one must enter the bio psychosocial information received, and then relay this information to the proper technician and/or physician; because of that input the patient’s insurance is verified and either accepted or unaccepted. Then, the office makes the appointment, and the call goes to the nurses and/ or EMT’s. Our job is to save Medicare dollars, so we try to keep patients from being in the hospital and/or nursing home(s) for less than three days. When this is accomplished,…show more content…
Again, we all share information. We have shared files that contain charts and graphs. The figures alone tell the tale. Through this whole intel recement there are charts flowing, personal information is given out, diagnoses designated, medications dosed out, the most personal information of your life is on the web…however there are HIPPA laws that require that anyone working in the medical field to take classes regarding the handling of personal information. Do you think that stops them from sharing your information? Oh! It does not! For example, if you are feuding with another employee from the same office, and came upon that person’s file in system, and found a way to manipulate that person’s personal information regarding the outcome of his or her particular circumstance? Do you think that it would stop there? One worker in my organization looks at the New York Stock Exchange 24 hours a day regarding our project. I do not really get into it. Having mutual funds however, keeps one in the loop. The other day I noticed that the language of the American Stock Exchange is a system of words and symbols used to transmit our intentions, feelings, and other states of our
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