MS project and Team leadership

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Assignment 2: MS Project and Team Leadership DJhonna M. Jones Dr. Stephen Castellese Managing Human Resource Projects March 16, 2014 In continuation from assignment one, this paper is dealing with issues to do with the fictitious North American Human resource advisement Council (NAHRAC) company . The paper will contain a memo communicating the budget situation of the project to the rest of the team. Two ways to improve an underperforming team member will be suggested. Finally a plan of action will be organized to get the project back on track. Construct a project charter to revamp the compensation and benefits package. Project Name: Integrated Financial and Benefits…show more content…
3 1.2.1 Create Initial Scope Statement Project Manager creates an Initial Scope Statement. 3 1.2.2 Determine Project Team The Project Manager determines the project team and requests the resources. 3 1.2.3 Project Team Kickoff Meeting The planning process is officially begun with a project kickoff meeting that includes the Project Manager, Project Team and Project Sponsor (optional). 3 1.2.4 Develop Project Plan Under the direction of the Project Manager the team develops the project plan. 3 1.2.5 Submit Project Plan Project Manager submits the project plan for approval. 3 1.2.6 Milestone: Project Plan Approval The project plan is approved and the Project Manager has permission to proceed to execute the project according to the project plan. 2 1.3 Execution Work involved executing the project. 3 1.3.1 Project Kickoff Meeting Project Manager conducts a formal kick off meeting with the project team, project stakeholders and project sponsor. 3 1.3.2 Verify & Validate User Requirements The original user requirements is reviewed by the project manager and team, and then validated with the users/stakeholders. This is where additional clarification may be needed. 3 1.3.3 Design System The technical resources design the new widget management system. 3 1.3.4 Procure Hardware/Software The procurement of all hardware, software and facility needs for the project. 3 1.3.5 Install Development System Team
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