MSIS301 3rd exam Essay

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1. Which of the following statements about learning curves is generally TRUE?

a. management can dictate achievement of a certain rate of learning.
b. learning curves were first quantified by Frank & Lillian Gilbreth.
c. using the “doubling” model, a learning curve of 70% means the 20th unit takes 70% of the time that the 10th unit will take.
d. learning curves are a recognition of the concept that the cost of each produced unit usually decreases with experience.

2. Which of the following is an assumption of learning curves?

a. the cumulative time of production increases as production increases.
b. time reduction per unit increases as cumulative production increases.
c. the same learning curve should be used when a company
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c. suppliers that are located nearby to decrease delivery lead time.
d. many suppliers to assure that material shortages never occur.

7. The definition of “little” JIT is a ( an ) :

a. management system of people and procedures to fulfill all product delivery deadlines.
b. production system of small-lot manufacturing to reduce work-in-process inventory. c. materials management system for removing 100% of all inventories.
d. integrated system of managing resources, information, and decision processes to eliminate waste throughout the supply chain.

8. In one particular version of the kanban system, a move card ( or equivalent ) is used to signal that:

a. materials are needed from an outside vendor. b. a machine has broken down. c. the assembly line is ready to be balanced. d. assemblies or components are needed from the preceding (upstream) work station.

9. Continuous improvement with JIT systems:

a. requires periodically increasing lot sizes or workforce levels to uncover problems. b. entails systematically reducing work-in-process inventories and focusing on operational problem areas.
c. focuses exclusively on internal operations because relationships with cus- tomers and suppliers are addressed by the logistics department.
d. abandoning the system from time to time for added flexibility.

10. Which one of the following is
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