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Marketing Research Plan Proposal U Drive Transport Amy Burman Kaplan University, MT219 Marketing Professor Kathryn Kelly Marketing Research Plan Proposal Introduction U Drive Transport (UDT) is headquartered in Chicago and is a car sharing business located in over 20 major city centers and employees over 500 people. UDT serves densely populated urban areas where consumers tend to feel burdened by owning a vehicle. Consumers are able to subscribe to UDT on a yearly basis, anywhere from 2-80 hours per month, or consumers can rent a car for a 2 hour minimum, a day, a week, or a month. UDT has dominated the US market as the premier car sharing business and is looking to expand into the global market. Purpose Statement…show more content…
3. What are the demographics of the location and are they feasible to support such a company? Planning the Research Design The majority of UDT’s market research will be done with secondary data, and a suggestion of using a primary data source to help define more of UDT’s market. Secondary Data. This source of data will be collected from government departments and agencies, and also competition in the car sharing market. The secondary data will be used to assist in answering the research questions. Market research information was done on two car sharing businesses currently operating in the US and globally, they are: Zipcar and Enterprise. Location & Demographics. UDT should look to the Western Hemisphere of Ottawa, Canada to expand its car sharing program. Ottawa has a population of 870,250 people and has approximately two-thirds of the population of the greater Ottawa-Gatineau area for a combined total of 1,282,500 people. Ottawa’s population continues to grow faster than Ontario or Canada. A competitor of UDT, Zipcar, currently has a strong market placement in Vancouver, and Toronto which would make it more difficult to get a piece of the market. Ottawa has 4 different post-secondary institutions where the car sharing program could work. Ottawa is also experiencing a significant amount of immigrants who are attracted to the area of high-paying professional jobs or post-secondary studies. Ottawa has over one hundred thousand Federal Government employees,

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