MUCS Assignment 4

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MUCS statistical analysis plan of reducing depression through education is done by assessing the before and after scores on the PHQ-9. The PHQ-9 will be taken before the intervention and a summative score will be calculated for each participant, then the same process will be done following the intervention. The scores from the first assessment will then be compared to those from the second assessment. Scores will only be considered from those that complete all 12 weeks of the education. The PHQ-9 was chosen due to the fact that it can be completed in just a few minutes and can be scored rapidly ( CQAIMH, n.d.). The assessment has 9 questions and a scale of 0-3 based on the way the patient has felt in the last two weeks; zero as not at all,…show more content…
Reducing depression and adherence to medication has been shown to have an impact on quality of life for these patients (Reis, 2011). Therefore, this program can educate them on these and other facts that help them to adhere to medication and reduce depression. The group therapy component of the program also will help provide support and understanding from family members, which has also proven to be successful in reducing depression (Jacobs, Caballero, Ownby, & Kane, 2014). Implications for Social work practice The implications for social work from this evaluation of this program is that it is a way to help social workers empower the clients to take care of themselves. Social workers are largely concerned with empowering people to be the one in control of their own development (Sogren, Jones, Nathaniel, & Cameron-Padmore, 2012). Because this program is built on education and knowledge it is empowering in and of itself, but when workers are able to build upon the knowledge with therapy they empower the client even more than the class alone (Sogren, M., Jones, A., Nathaniel, K., & Cameron-Padmore, J.
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