MYEP Program Essay

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I believe that the MYEP program could be the start of my future. I really haven't gotten many opportunities to do something that would help with my career choice. I believe this could help me in the long run after school is over for when I get my career thanks to this program hopefully choosing me to get a chance for the internship. I’ve already received the certificate for coming on December 1st, but I want to go further than that. I’ve already been informed on how to apply for a job, get that job, and then keep that job. After learning these things I’d like to practice those skills with this program. I want this internship so I know what my future will be when I go to college and I will know what I'm doing. Me being there will not be a burden.…show more content…
I do have weaknesses but I make up for them by trying have that weakness work in a way that doesn’t affect me that much or i’m trying to find a way to work on that weakness. A example of this is that communication isn’t my best suit especially small talk. Even though I’m not the best person for being social I do work a lot better when I work alone which for my career I think it may do more good than it will harm me. I tend to be efficient with my work and I even tend to go over the top from time to time. I work very hard and I don’t take many breaks to stop myself and rest. A lot of the time when I’m supposed to be taking a break I only rest for about two minutes then I continue to do my work until it’s done due to my dedication towards doing unfinished work. I do this because that’s when I feel like it’s really time to have fun and relax myself. You should really think about giving me this chance it will not be something you’ll regret doing. After graduating and having the opportunity to experience this program I would hope to in the future succeed at achieving my career as a game designer or computer
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