Ma 3 : Problem Based Research

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MA 3: Problem-Based Research
Educators are always looking for new ways on how to engage students in their learning and leading them to success. Even though teachers face many problems with students not wanting to learn, they keep investigating new ways on how to encourage these students to learn. In the school environment, there are many issues affecting students’ learning; therefore, educators and researchers explore different ways on. This research study challenges and motivates students to learn in the classroom working cooperatively with others to enhance instruction. It emphasizes the nagging problem encountered in the classroom and provides possible solutions to meet the need of the students. Next, research data is collected from different sources to complete this plan of action. Finally, the data is analyzed and graphed to improve the academic performance of students and make adjustments to instructional methods. This research study shows significant achievement gains comparing a traditional strategy (lecturing) and a motivational strategy as well as its connections to the literature and best practices in the field of education. In addition, it provides visual representations on how data was analyzed.
Nagging Problem My name is Antonio De La Rosa and I am teaching an algebra I class composed of ten students. My class is composed of eleventh and twelve graders that come from low social economic status. The data that I gathered from previous teachers in school was
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