Maalaysian Automobile Exports of Spare Parts to Nigeria

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NAME | MAGAJI LAWAL ZAREWA | ID | 0003VMVM0612 | MBA | SEMESTER 2 | COURSE TITLE | RESEARCH METHODOLOGY | TASK | ASSIGNMENT | Table of Contents 1.0 COMPANY OVERVIEW: Proton 2 1.1 Problem or Issue Identified. 3 1.2 Importance. 3 1.3 Proton’s Logo 4 1.4 Proton Parts Organisational Chart. 5 2.0 Research Questions. 6 3.0 Research Objectives and Framework. 6 3.1 Research Model 7 4.0 Literature Review: 8 5.0 Research Methodology And Design 18 5.1 Concept 18 5.2 Research Types. 19 5.3 Research Design: 19 5.4 Data Gathering Method 20 6.0 Ethical Consideration 20 7.0 REFERENCES 21 TOPIC: A study on Malaysian automobile export of spare parts to Nigeria. 1.0 COMPANY OVERVIEW: Proton The Malaysians considered…show more content…
This business research will enable the export of proton spare parts to Nigerian market as there is a demand of it. As Malaysian automotive was getting attention nowadays. 2. The research will as well createjob opportunities to both the import and export countries. 3. To also investigate why the proton spare parts export was going down even during the economic year 1.3 Proton’s Logo (Proton, 2012) 1.4 Proton Parts Organisational Chart. (source: proton parts, 2012) (Source: protonvendors, 2011) 2.0 Research Questions. By earlier mentioning the stated problems above. The following research questions were listed down by the author: RQ1. What is the influence of parts shortage on Malaysian automotive export parts to Nigeria? RQ2. What type of automotive part is needed the most in Nigeria? RQ3. What policy should the two countries be laid on export trading? RQ4. How can logistics affect the exports trading in Nigerian automobile market? RQ5. At what cost or price should the product be reaching the consumer nation? 3.0 Research Objectives and Framework. The broad objectives of this study are to examine the Malaysian automotive export of its spare parts to Nigeria and they will be serve as the elements to build the research model to find out how the variable relate. . Thus the specific objectives are: 1. Parts shortage 2. Trade policy 3. Product needs

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