Mabel's Predicament Vs The Pawnshop

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What evolution of the Tramp as a character do you observe? What evolution do you observe regarding story and/or general filmmaking between Mabel's Strange Predicament and The Pawnshop? Give clear examples.

In terms of story “Mabel’s Predicament” has clear differences than “The Pawnshop” primarily because the Tramp is not the main focus throughout the entirety of the film. The Tramp in fact is more of a side character that provides the main forms of entertainment within the film. His character in “Mabel’s Predicament” is just as the Tramp however he is consistently drunk throughout the film and becomes a nuisance and somewhat of a villain to the other characters. In “The Pawnshop” we consistently are focused on the Tramp the story is primarily
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