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The film Mabo demonstrates the importance of family in Eddie Mabo's struggle for land rights. The story film Mabo, in leading up to its supportive and motivated revolution in Australia's history, is assist by Eddie's family determination to win Eddie Mabo's land rights case and thus restore justice to indigenous people. The foundations of his familial and social assitance can be seen in his encounter with white authority and his later involvement in the union movement, as well as his role as political activist. In addition, key argument with influential figures also helps to motivate him to stick together with his family. Eddie's personal characteristics, partly born out of his early families supportive for respect, also influence his…show more content…
Castan brings to Eddie's case an unrivalled expertise in land rights issues, in particular, the Gove Land rights Case, Which was the first Native Title claim in Australia. It is Castan who recommends to Keon-Cohen that they take the Mabo case to the High Court to overturn terra nullius. All of these help courage and tenacity he will need when he goes through these struggles in the future. The film of Mabo makes it clear that Eddie Mabo's family is supporting him on Native Title, and justly recognizes Bonita is the key role in his supporters, it is also apparent that there are other key players who supported Eddie's vision. With out their crucail influence the vision would never have been fully realised. In fact, all of these supports are the catalyst for his determination to take a stand against perceived wrongs towards his people. Eddie's remarkable journey to the High Court could not have been possible, however, without the support of his wife Bonita, who stands by Eddie through difficult times, and the advice of his legal team, who guide Eddie through each crucial stage along the
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