Mabry And Kiecolt's Article Summary

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In Mabry and Kiecolt’s article, they explore whether the effects of sense of control and mistrust on anger differ by race. In particular they argue, that sense of control reduces feelings of anger and anger expression more for African Americans than Whites. An important factor that should be considered, are the issues that are causing their anger. It is worth asking how the anger of each individual from each different race is being evaluated, and if the different races are angry due to similar circumstances or situations (geographic, economic, etc.) This could impact the results of the authors’ survey by creating a bias that states one race is angrier than another in a situation, when in actuality, the specific circumstances may differ between the two races. Throughout the article thee authors compare “African Americans” and “Whites”. However, when comparing this to Brown et al., article, they define race and ethnicity as two distinct categories. …show more content…

It is worth examining if the differences in mistrust (belief that other people are unsupportive) are a key contributor as to why this anger exists among both Whites and African Americans. If African Americans are considered having higher levels of mistrust, then this higher level of mistrust too may lead to a positive relation in anger intensity for African Americans. With this being said, the belief that people are “unsupportive” or “exploit other people”, may anger them, therefore leading to a positive relation in anger intensity for African Americans as well as Whites. Citations Brown, T. N., Donato, K. M., Laske, M. T., & Duncan, E. M. (2012). Race, Nativity, Ethnicity, and Cultural Influences in the Sociology of Mental Health. Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research Handbook of the Sociology of Mental Health, 255-276.

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