Mabry Middle School Mission Statement Analysis

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Tim Tyson (2010) discusses how educators must ask hard questions in order to move students from the low-level mind-set of making good grades to experiencing the personal gratification and excitement that is the core of learning (p. 119). He details how the teachers and instructional leaders at Mabry Middle School formed a team that met consistently to choose what was and was not working at the school. The team formed the following mission statement to evaluate every action taken by the school: “Maximize student achievement in a culture of caring.” (Tyson, 2010, p. 120). Worksheets, class activities, and administrative actions were all measured against this mission statement. Compare Mabry Middle School’s mission statement to the one at your school (or a school where you would like to…show more content…
What effect on learning outcomes could a mission statement like Mabry’s have if every decision you made throughout a school day were measured against how does this maximize student achievement in a culture of
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