Mac Cosmetic Marketing Planning Essay

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Marketing Planning Report
This report will be based on the organisation ‘MAC Cosmetics’. This report will cover recommendations to improve competitiveness of the company as well as looking over the current environment. To accomplish this a detailed PEST and SWOT analysis will be carried out and analysed. The identification of current target segments for the company will also be carried out and a marketing mix analysis will also be undertaken to see which elements of the mix are most relevant towards the identified target segments.
PEST & SWOT Analysis
Tax policies – MAC cosmetics is now sold in more than over 57 countries worldwide so shipping of products will need to be taken into account because of tax
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More sale offers could possibly be undertaken.
Fashion World - MAC Cosmetics is known for participating in the latest fashions shows/weeks. This is a big opportunity for the company as this is one of the ways of bringing in customers because of the aspiring fashion teens and celebrities. (
Competition – MACs competitors are companies such as Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Estee Lauder. MAC is a step ahead as it has it’s celebrity background and numerous awareness programs but these companies could be a nearby threat for MAC.
Current Target Segments
Demographic/socio-economic segmentation
MAC Cosmetics most definitely target the demographic/socio-economic market to the fullest. MAC Cosmetics is a dynamic company which is created for everyone. Rich and poor, old or young, conservative or trendy and even for males and females. MAC Cosmetics have fulfilled this by carrying their ‘All Ages, All Races, All Sexes’ statement across. Although MAC does cater for male and female their female consumers are number one priority. They target all females from different ages from teens to young women to mothers etc. This is done by all the different lines of make-up they have under MAC. There’s the Barbie colour line and there’s a Viva Glam line both very different both for different audiences. The Barbie line, just

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