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Mac Miller drops his fourth album, only a year after he dropped probably his best work yet GO:OD AM. Mac has always been known to be a creative mind and changing up his mixtapes and albums. From starting with his frat-boy college kid phase (K.I.D.S. and Blue Slide Park), to his psychedelic drugged-out phase (Macadelic, Watching Movies With The Sound Off and Faces), to his most mature album (GO:OD AM) to now his jazz music side of him on this latest album. Realizing that this album would be a love/jazz album, I can only look back to the last time he put together a jazz project with the You EP and all I can say to myself was "ugh." However, when he made that EP, he was a bit too young to really make that kind of music (singing voice wasn't there).…show more content…
The production is interesting as usual with songs like "Dang!", "Stay", "Cinderella", "We" etc. The features on this album blow away anything that was on GO:OD AM. Ty Dolla $ign, Anderson.Paak, Cee-Lo Green, Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar all do pretty solid jobs on where they are placed. That is also the other great thing about the features, they are placed so much better than the features on GO:OD AM. We also didn't have to hear another Ab-Soul (Lil Uzi Vert is more interesting than him just to point that out).

The issue on every project that Mac Miller does is the lyricism isn't always up to par. He does tend to have some corny lines throughout this album. And even though there isn't any horrible lines on this album, there isn't any standout lyrics either. That is where he seems to have issues as to separating the Blue Side Park side of him to now. But just about every-other category of Mac Miller has matured
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He refers to mostly sex, which is honestly what I should have expected. But even this being the content of his album, it still worked very nice, aside from a few lines that made me chuckle. "I just eat pussy other people eat food." That lyric had me laughing. Mac Miller isn't known for his wonderful singing, but the way he uses his voice in these songs just ends up working with the beats. He actually doesn't have that bad of a singing voice as I look back at some of the songs he did on previous albums ("Objects in the Mirror", "ROS", "Jump"). It seems that on every album he gets a little more personal, like on the first song "Congratulations," where he seems to be talking about his ex-girlfriend and how he went through the beginnings of trying to become a rapper. I tried to tweet at him to figure out what the first song was about, of course he didn't respond, was worth a shot
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