Mac Os : The Top Three Operating Systems Ever Created

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Caleb Schumake Professor Johnson CSC 3030 November 22, 2014 History of Mac OS Apple’s Mac OS is one of the top three operating systems ever created. Mac OS is a series of GUI based operating systems created by Apple Inc. to work seamlessly with the hardware of their Macintosh computer systems. The first operating system introduced for Apple computers was Apple DOS 3.1 in 1978. It was primarily developed by Paul Laughton, Randy Wigginton and Steve Wozniak. Spanning the next three decades Apple would revolutionize the software industry by popularizing the intuitive, rich and simplistic feel of their operating system while harnessing its sheer power. This process was not a simple task; during new developments of Mac OS many disputes and…show more content…
The Apple II was an integrated computer with its own keyboard, case and was the first to display color graphics. Many revisions to the Apple II were made, each boasting a newer operating system. After the release of the Apple II many realized that a disk drive was imperative for a computer thus, Steve Wozniak created an elegant solution for a floppy disk drive. He coined it as the disk II, this gave birth to the need of a disk operating system within Apple (Singh 7). Apples first version of its disk operating system was released as Apple DOS 3.1 in July 1978. In subsequent years Apple created more diverse operating systems to fit user needs. When the Apple III was introduced in 1980 as a computer for business users it used a new operating system called SOS (Sophisticated operating system). The new operating system featured resources available in the form of a menu-driven utility program as well as programming API. These new additions gave the system the first feel of a true “user experience”. Apples next improvement to their operating system would be the release of Apple ProDos. ProDos was released in October 1983 and was based on SOS. ProDos provided programmers with far more flexibility than prior systems such as better facilities for coding in BASIC, assembly language, machine language, and better interrupt handling (Singh 12). With growing competition in the software industry Apple needed to think
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