Mac Os X And Windows Operating System

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The advent of the Mac OS X and Windows Operating System, have revolutionized how we interact with computers. They have enormously increased our productivity in the work place, improved our efficiency, as well as accurately predicting the future of technology and the potential of innovation. Choosing one over the other, is chiefly a matter of personal preference. Although, fans and users alike, tend to share sentimental opinions on why one is better than the other. Their distinct qualities, make it easier to compare and contrast their features, in order to succinctly make a final decision; whether to buy a Mac OS X or a Windows 8.1. Frankly, these two operating systems have more in common than they do in difference. Each has its own set of pros and cons, but they share many of the core features that define a desktop operating system in a modern era. However, the Windows operating system, is better than the Mac OS X because it is more affordable, it supports cross platform integration, and is easier to use with reliable security. Affordability, is one of the major reasons why I prefer the Microsoft Windows Operating system to the branded Mac OS X. Windows 8.1 is budget friendly, while the Mac costs almost twice the price of a single Windows computer. Windows is affordable to students, you can actually get the latest Windows 8.1 (Pro version) for as low as $200 and lesser than that, with a dream spark student registration and verification. This factor, gave Windows a strong
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