Mac Vs. Makeup Art Cosmetics

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MAC or Makeup Art Cosmetics is one brand known around the world. MAC cosmetics target consumers from young to older women who love its high contrasts, and vibrant colors. A brand is only accomplished if the “specific cosmetic is dependent upon the consumer’s perception that the cosmetic will make him/her more attractive.” (Hunt, Fate, Dodds, 2011) Advertising to makeup artist who worked with celebrities Mac was able to define its label with stars such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Nicki Minaj. MAC was created for fashion models around the world that wanted the perfect look. Mac has a wide variety of products such as eye shadows, lipsticks, lip-gloss, nail polish, and mascara. However the brand was positioned for all skin types, ages and races. With many competing brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline, Mac began to use marketing strategies to set itself apart from the competition. Branding to charities was the first step, which increased profits, and also increases MAC overall brand. Target markets are particular business sections that organizations recognize as being more inclined to purchase their merchandise or administrators than other business sector portions. Demographic Target Demographic division comprises of isolating planned and existing clients into gathering and taking into account variable, such as age, gender, family pay, occupation, training, religion. This for the most part works well for markets that on the grounds that their clients regularly have needs and

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