Mac vs Windows

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Windows PC’s versus MAC by Apple While shopping for a computer many people ponder if they should buy a MAC or Windows PC. It is a debate that has been ongoing since both computers came into the tech scene. There are loyal and devout followers to both companies and computers. For some, it can be a tough decision with the many options and features of each computer, but for others the choice to be made is not very tough to make. A Windows laptop is a better complete computer then a MAC book because of its ability to be used in a wide range of applications. While both computers seem the same on the outside, for example both use the basic foundations of the computer, including the skeletons of the keyboard, the outline of the mouse,…show more content…
In general basic Windows PC’s usually start out around $400-$500. This is a basic PC but is a very good home computer or one that can be used for basic functions like surfing the Internet and using email. This is usually a good start for a family who does not use the computer for much more than the internet, or for a student who just needs to write papers and possibly Microsoft office. MAC’s start out over $1000 and are not customizable for someone who is looking for basic features in a personal computer. While MAC’s are also more technological and can perform many functions you have the ability to get the same features at around the same cost in a Windows PC because of its adaptability. MAC’s are very pricey because of their processors and the ability for them to run many more programs at once but these features are standard and cannot be removed to lower the price. Windows PC’s have the ability for these features to be added, and you can choose which are more important to you. For example, you can upgrade to an Intel i7 processor which will meet the speed of a MAC but go with less storage space which may not be needed because you prefer to play games on your computer. It is unfortunate that Apple has not noticed this and mad adding features to a MAC an option thus making them more expensive. Price will not be an issue when buying a Windows PC because you choose what you want for what price you can afford. As you can see,
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