Mac vs. Windows Essay

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There has mostly been much debate over which is the better and most reliable computer to use. There are people who are die-hard Macintosh users, and there are people who are die-hard Window users as well, and naturally people sitting somewhere in between. The fact remains that the most home and business users own Windows-based systems because they are 50% less cheaper than a Macintosh. Windows- based computers are more practical, better software, and versatility for most people than Macintosh computers. First, Windows-based computers are more practical for many reasons. The most prevalent of this being that mostly everyone uses them. When using computers, consistency is very important. If mostly everyone is using a certain…show more content…
This, of course, means competition, which in turn lowers prices. Macintosh systems are sold primarily sold in whole systems which are composed of RAM and processor speed, meaning that the consumer ends up with what Apple has decided should be included in the system. Windows systems, however, can be built to the consumer needs, or by the consumer themselves. They could select which part would be best for them for the price they would pay for it. Secondly, Windows-based systems are far more superior in quantity in respect to the software. There is much more than just software, and most of it is superior quality. Significant software is often released for both systems, but it is generally released for Windows operating systems earlier. For example, Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft’s most recent web navigation tool was released for Windows on June 10, 1999; until later Apple released a version for Macintosh has not been released as of November 14,1999. Thirdly, Windows-based systems are more versatile than its Macintosh counterpart in part because of the ability to interchange hardware components. Different manufactures have created products that, while they still serve the same basic purpose (video card, sound card, etc.) do those tasks better, more than just those tasks, or both. The Windows operating system is also more versatile if only for the reason that it has more software for available for its use, but are other reasons. The
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