Macaroni And Cheese: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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The construction of macaroni and cheese is an enthralling process. While appearing simple, it’s complex - it has subtle base flavors of onion and mustard, and intense top flavors of sharp cheese and salt. I often wonder how those flavors come out at different points during a bite or wonder why the contrast between toasted breadcrumbs and cheesy goodness fits so well together. Cooking is a passion of mine as it is an opportunity to connect pieces and construct a whole system from the integrated parts. I find some incredulity in the way certain ingredients interact with other ingredients and transform from individual components into the production of a meal.

I have learned to look at health and medicine in a similar light. My mother - an obstetrician/gynecologist
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I pursued my undergraduate career – Human Development and Family Studies, Health Education and Promotion, and Nutrition – with the idea of wanting to broaden my understanding and experiences in the realm of health. A myriad of factors can influence a person's health decisions. I now understand how the power dynamics within a family unit can determine the choices an individual makes in regards to their health. I have seen how a person may have the best intentions of making healthful choices, but with limited availability of resources, that person is unable to be their healthiest self. Throughout my experiences, I have learned that health is a complex interworking of an individual and the relationships, community, society and systems they belong to.

I chose to complete a Master of Science in Public Health for several reasons. First, I have an interest in research and wanted to build on my proficiency of analytical methods in the field of health. Second, the role of prevention in medicine is invaluable, especially as chronic disease prevalence continues to rise. Last and most important – I believe that in combination, medicine and public health can integrate both the individual and systems paradigms to establish an all encompassing approach to health care that addresses both prevention and treatment
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