Macbeth : A Tragic Flaw

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Nikhil Srivastava
Ms. Bularzik
British Literature
Egotism in a man
Pride as a tragic flaw in Macbeth

Pride is essential to all humans in any lifestyle. Without pride, self-confidence would not exist. Many successful products are made by the creator taking risks. Without self-confidence there will not be as much risk taken to create something new. It is not wrong to take pride in one’s work, as it acts as a sense of satisfaction for the accomplishment. Also without pride there would be a lack of self-esteem within a person. There are many positives for the need of pride. However with pride categorized as one of the seven deadly sins, there is a negative aspect to it. Having too much pride causes people to think highly
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This is exemplified with Macbeth killing Duncan and then Banquo in order to seize power. Macbeth sees this hunger for power as something good, but does not see that “...with it are associated premonitions of the conflict, disorder, and moral darkness into which Macbeth plunges himself” (Knights 2). Knights indicates that the more a character is blinded by his own ego, the more likely the chances in succumbing to “moral darkness”. The consequences that Macbeth faces due to his motivation for attaining the crown, is a result of his overwhelming pride. Pride is a man’s most cherished quality; however as indicated it can also be the most dangerous. The Witches introduce power to Macbeth, who is then taken over by his ego. The Witch 's lure Macbeth by saying “All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee thane of Cawdor!”(Shakespeare 1.3.49). The Witches introduce Macbeth to the idea of having more power by calling him “thane of Cawdor” Macbeth originally is a loyal warrior to Duncan, however hearing the prophecy causes his pride to get the better of him. Driven by his ego, Macbeth becomes conflicted with how to deal with the information given. “This is temptation, presented with concrete force.” (Knights 2). After hearing the Witches prophecy, Knights acknowledges the temptation Macbeth feels going from a warrior to king of Cawdor. By manipulating Macbeth, the Witches take advantage of his pride. Macbeth is led to believe that attaining that much power is
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