Macbeth Ambitions

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By: Luca

What is ambition? In the dictionary ambition is defined has “an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, (ex) power, honor, fame, or wealth. The willingness to strive for its attainment”. From this definition I do not even believe that Macbeth really had any ambition of his own. I do not think his ambition was not Macbeth’s greatest weakness but more is gullibility and being able to be swayed into the directions of others. In the story of Macbeth of Macbeths miss fortune is caused by first the prophecy of the witches and secondly of the discouragement of his wife constantly degrading him causing him to prove his self willing and able. Also with the swaying of others making Macbeth feel he needed these
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Macbeth’s selfishness and greed also cause him his greatest downfall ending up in his death. Macbeth’s greed of having power caused Macbeth ambition to do whatever he could in his power to get what he wanted allowing him to have the guts to kill Banquo and Duncan’s wife and daughter. Macbeth’s greed of power and riches that come from his wife degrading him, making him feel like nothing causes his ambition for success. Also Macbeth’s foolishness and selfishness cause everything to come crashing down on Macbeth. Macbeths selfishness and foolishness causes him into killing Banquo because he wants all the power and money for himself and Macbeths’ selfishness in killing Duncan’s son knowing he will be the next to air the throne makes Macbeth feel extremely greedy making him kill Duncan family hoping that he will forever be king. Macbeth’s foolishness of believing the witches that nothing could kill him and that he was basically immortal unless the forest moved. Also ruined Macbeth because it made him cocky and not afraid of anything at all and when fear disappears from your life you’re looking for trouble and will eventually get hurt.
In conclusion has you can see Macbeths ambition was not his greatest weakness because it is not what caused him to go after power it just helped him. Other features in Macbeth’s life cause him to die and ruined him. Macbeth had become corrupt throughout the play between his gullibility and greed given to him from his wife and the witches

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