Macbeth And Macbeth

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The purpose if this essay is to prove that the theme in the two contrasting literary works of Twilight saga: eclipse by Stephenie Meyer and Macbeth by William Shakespeare are alike. The theme of destruction being inevitable in both literary pieces are the same through the element of symbolism used to connect and foreshadow events in each piece. Although the plot for each novel differs, the twin methods of symbolism they utilize evidently leads to inevitable destruction and deserve further examination. Throughout this essay the specific symbols examined will be blood as a symbol of an impending death due to the real or theoretical blood left on a characters hands from a previous death as well as the transition to a new path in the…show more content…
All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.” (5.1.37-55) Furthermore, the consequences of Macbeth's actions theoretically left blood on his hands when he arranged for the execution of Macduff's family, thus leading to his assassination by Macduff with vengeful intentions as a result of his anger towards Macbeth as said in this quote, “Front to front bring thou this fiend of Scotland and myself. Within my sword's length set him. If he 'scape, heaven forgive him too.”
As mentioned previously blood symbolizes positive and negative occurrences with this said in Twilight Saga: Eclipse the symbol kept its validity. Blood too symbolized the transition to a new path in life for Bella and Edward as it did for Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. Bella's desire for Edward to drink her blood, in turn, transitioning her into a vampire would allow them an eternal life together as she implies in this quote, “It wasn't the right word, not at all. I needed something more expressive of eternal commitment...I want to be a monster, too.” (Meyer 2 & 15) Thus, creating the ability for the two lovers to live an eternity together instead of being limited to Bella's mortal life span, unfortunately, following the couples' existence conflicts arose, such as, the danger Bella was in after Edward murdered Victoria's boyfriend

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