Macbeth As A Good Man Led Astray

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“Macbeth is basically a good man led astray. ” Discuss
- Trevin Wadugodapitiya, 10D (WET) BB5 In the tragedy Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, Macbeth’s downfall was one of much significance, showing the renaissance audience what happens when you go against the Great Chain of Being, and strive for more than what you are given. Even though Macbeth was the one who put himself in that position through greed and paranoia in his actions, his downfall was of shared blame. Lady Macbeth’s temporary influence over Macbeth brought out her ambition, imputing on the downfall of her husband. In the eyes of the modern audience, it is Macbeth and Lady Macbeth whom are held most accountable for the gradual destruction of Macbeth, but in the eyes. But in the eyes of the renaissance audience, the evil, unnatural beings known as the three witc hes were also held accountable for the tragic downfall of this King. Their meddling and interfering with Macbeth’s life by equivocating the truth did play a significant role in his downfall. Though Macbeth was in full control of his actions throughout the play, his actions only had a subsidiary input towards his downfall. Macbeth never truly imagined or executed any of his actions within the play without them being intervened by other characters. Initially in the play he is described as a “Valiant cousin!” and a “Worthy gentleman!” who deserves that reputation. However that vision of greatness soon comes to an
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