Macbeth As A Tyrant Essay

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The Downfall of a Tyrant
Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606, during the reign of James I, who was James IV of Scotland before he became the King of England. James I, was a sponsor of Shakespeare’s theatre, so it is clear that Shakespeare’s work was affected by James I’s sensitivities. Murder and intrigue was a part of the Scottish Reign when James was growing, and in fact, James’s father was murdered when he was just a baby.
Macbeth tells the story of a Scottish general who, through prophecies received from three witches and manipulations of his wife, believed that he would become the King of Scotland. He murders King Duncan and grabs the throne to satisfy the burning ambition of his subconscious. Power did not bring him peace or comfort;
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Just to emphasize the suggested supernatural relationship further, the witches took help from Satan and Demon to make their magic work. The unnatural abilities like conjuring evil potions in Act 4 Scene 1 “Round about the cauldron go.”of the witches would not have gone far if it was not for the very natural burning ambition of Lady Macbeth in alluring Macbeth to murder the king. The King of Scotland was well liked by the people of Scotland but Lady of the house was naturally devilish, accepting all means to achieve her goal.

The three witches happen to be the first characters to be introduced in Macbeth and were one of the main cause of the title character’s evil and unpredicted actions. Shakespeare used the stereotype about witches being ugly and wise women yielding evil powers and described them as the ‘Three Weird Sisters.’ They play the role of informants who convey a message to Macbeth, which eventually caused him to kill King Duncan as well as the Macduff and Banquo’s families. Their key skill, in fact, was to penetrate Macbeth’s troubled subconscious, which already contained a demonic desire for power and the throne. The witches just supplied the simple trigger; they have predicted that he would become the Thane of Cawdor and the King.
Witches speak in a form of verses with rhyming couplets, where
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