Macbeth: Becoming An Effective Leader

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Being a good leader requires traits that are seldom found in the leaders we know today. While some leaders can trust their conscience to guide them to make decisions with basic morals in mind; having control of a large group of people and the ability to regulate and determine their every move can turn a good leader into an unrecognizable tyrant. Once a leader has begun to feel the power their tyrannous acts give them, it is rare that they can realize their mistakes and become an effective leader once again. Manipulation, greed, and paranoia all lead to a mentally unstable and tyrannous leader.

In Shakespeare's Macbeth, the title character, a brave and courageous soldier, turns into an reckless tyrant when the thought of being king goes to
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Within this time, it became one of the richest colonies in the world and grew sugar cane, coffee, indigo dye, cotton, tobacco, along with several other spices, of which were in high demand in places such as Europe and Asia. To the colonizer’s dismay, the population to grow to a threatening 10-1 ratio of free to slave African Americans.

Soon, the slave population of the island grew tired of the French slave system they were put in and revolted for freedom and thus launched a revolutionary war called the Haitian Revolution that lasted from 1791-1804. This ended the French rule and in 1804, the nation of Haiti was proclaimed an independent nation.

In June 1915, the U.S. occupied and controlled Haiti until 1934 with a lasting hegemony over them while still leaving the nation to their own devices.

In 1957, Francois “The Doc” Duvalier became the president of Haiti following a campaign with the intended audience of the noiriste majority. This began fourteen years of sheer dictatorship, suppression, and manipulation. As most Haitian presidents do, Duvalier created a constitution to secure his presidency. However, when faced with conflicts, he was in no way opposed to short-cutting the terms of his constitution in efforts to more easily control the people of
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