Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Hook: With three simple prophetic statements told to Macbeth by witches, the path for his future changes. But is the following chain of events caused by the premonitions of the witches or by Macbeth’s own free will?
Title and Author: Macbeth written by William Shakespeare
Brief Summary: Driven by and ambition to become and remain King of Scotland, Macbeth goes out of his way committing terrible deeds in order to fulfill his ambition. After the first and second out of three prophecies, told to Macbeth by witches comes true, Macbeth entrusts his faith in them only to have his ambition lead to his downfall
Thesis: Although Macbeth does hold some responsibility for the chain of events that occurs throughout the play, certain characters in particular the witches are to blame for their influence on Macbeth’s choices
Summary of Arguments: First of all, the witch’s prophecies continuously conflicted Macbeth and so most of his choices ended up revolving around the predictions. Secondly the witches, knowing of Macbeths flying ambition continuously toyed with him. Last but not least, the premonitions from the witches greatly affected Lady Macbeth, who then, in turn, persistently manipulated and influenced Macbeth to get her way. Paragraph 1
The witch’s prophecies were the main reason behind all of Macbeth’s actions and choices
Point 1: The first set of prophecies told to both Macbeth and Banquo led to the ignition of Macbeth’s ambition at the beginning of the play and to his paranoia

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