Macbeth Character Analysis

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Macbeth is the play of a warrior’s rise to power and tragic downfall based in medieval Scotland. Macbeth, a successful soldier, is the main character of the play whose goal is the kingship of Scotland. Three witches inform Macbeth in the beginning of the play that he will become the next king of Scotland. The witches also predict that the kings after Macbeth will not come from his descent, but actually from Banquo. While in the beginning Macbeth wants to just sit back and wait for fate to happen, but when King Duncan nominates his on Malcolm as the next king Macbeth wants to spring into action. Macbeth is not completely sure what he should do, but his wife persuades him that regicide, the murder of the king, will be the fastest way for her…show more content…
Shakespeare was the third of eight children in his family. Shakespeare also most likely attended a local grammar school where he could learn about Latin classics and grammar. No one knows for sure if he finished his studies or ended up helping his father in an apprenticeship. When Shakespeare was eighteen he married a girl named Anne Hathaway and the wedding was thought to be arranged due to her being pregnant. They had three kids together and one of them being Hamnet, Shakespeare only son who passed away when he was eleven. The two other, Susanna and Judith, lived much longer. It is recorded that for most of their marriage Shakespeare and Anna lived separately because he wanted to pursue his theater and writing career in London. Apparently it was not until later in their lives that they moved back in together. Between 1585 and 1592 Shakespeare completely goes of record where many historians have no idea what he did between those seven years. states, “Historians have speculated that he worked as a schoolteacher, studied law, traveled across continental Europe or joined an acting troupe that was passing through Stratford.” One historian even thinks that Shakespeare had to flee because he poached deer from a local politicians estate. At least by 1592 though Shakespeare had begun his acting career and had already written a couple of plays. He also by this time spent enough time to in London to write about its people, culture and

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