Macbeth Essay: the Role of Gender and Position

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Macbeth Essay: The Role of Gender and Position Amilio Lopez In Macbeth, many elements that affect the story’s plot and outcome; however, gender and position of power play the most important role of the story. For example, Lady Macbeth continuously wants to be changed into a man in order to get certain duties done that Macbeth is hesitant to do. Also, Lady Macbeth uses the power of belittling Macbeth’s masculinity to further drive his actions in the play. Lastly, the witches’ predictions of Macbeth’s future affect and change him through the position of power he will soon possess. Overall, many aspects of the play foreshadow and affect the ending of the play; however, sex (gender) and power have the biggest impact. Throughout the course…show more content…
Macbeth eventually lets his new position of power get to his head and orders for Banquo, who was once his best friend, to be killed. After Banquo is murdered, Macbeth tells the murderers “Thanks for that. There the serpent lies,” (Shakespeare 101). Macbeth’s statement shows the fact that he only cares about himself. Abraham Lincoln states “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power,” (Lincoln). Lincoln’s statement applies to Macbeth because Macbeth is only corrupt when given power. Also, Jimmy Hendrix states “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” (Hendrix). Jimmy’s statement demonstrates Macbeth because if Macbeth would have chosen his love for his friends and family, he wouldn’t have become corrupted by his power. Lastly, the young siward states “The devil himself could not pronounce a title more hateful to mine ear,” (Shakespeare 183). The Young Siward’s comment is a realization in the play because towards the end of Macbeth, Macbeth has built a bad reputation for himself. He was noble and just in the beginning, but now, people are fearful and hateful towards him. Macbeth has now become a tyrant due to his position of power. Overall, power greatly influences the play Macbeth. Throughout the play Macbeth, the fact is

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