Macbeth Film Analysis Essay

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Through the use of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a Kurzel’s version of a film introduces the transformation of one character, Macbeth from start to finish, in which the film director represents in a unique way. The director of the film incorporated several aspects of his work which either helped to develop or challenge my understanding of the play. An element that the producer of the film specifically uses is the representation of Macbeth through his ruthlessness. This particular element is highlighted in the film, through the killing of Duncan or in the empowerment of Macbeth towards Lady Macbeth. This aspect of the film helps me to develop my understanding of the play by enabling to go deeper into understanding the background of this character, the various impacts that he had on others through Macbeth’s actions, along with how his ruthlessness and ambition drove him to do the things that he did, and subsequently let the viewers understand to whom Macbeth was. One way in which the director of the film exemplifies this element of the representation of Macbeth through his ruthlessness is by the murder of Duncan and how it was shown. In this version of the film, Macbeth’s true passion and thirst for the throne was clear. The director of the film introduces the scene as Macbeth comes in with his dagger, keenly observes Duncan sleeping on a bed. Macbeth quietly goes over to his bed, looks him in straight in his eye, and immediately plunges the dagger into Duncan. In fact,

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