Macbeth Gaps in Silences

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I am helpless and powerless. I have failed in my duties of caring for my Queen. I have allowed her to slowly suffer in her tormented mind; I have allowed her spirit to crumble and her soul to be lost forever. I am simply a servant of my Queen; I have tended and comforted her since she married into the Macbeth house. Where as many young girls are worried about their pre-arranged marriage; so too was my lady until she saw Macbeth and swore that she had fallen in love. I have been there by her side for many years; I have seen her fall in love; I have seen her lose her loved ones. I was there the very day we drove away from her family, I sat with her the whole journey sitting quietly as I watched gentle tears fall down her face. It was that…show more content…
The King however yelled at her, accusing her of adultery and witchcraft. I was ordered to dispose of this creature, this demon. So in the most Christian of ways that I could, in order to save its soul, I burnt the child on a cross after blessing it with holy water. I recited the Lord’s Prayer and blessed the child so that it may be free from its mother’s and father’s sins.

I wished beyond all reckoning that I could have helped my lady. I am no physician nor am I a healer. I should have sought help earlier, but who was there to talk to. I was too afraid to speak to my King, with his strange behavior and quick temper. I did not know what to do; I was not trained to deal with troubled minds only with troubled sheets.
I was helpless and powerless, I could not provide counsel. I couldn’t provide help for my lady, it is times like this when it she needed her family or counsel. I was the closest thing she had left and I failed in my duties to care for her.

I have lost my faith, because I cannot understand how a situation like this can go on for so long. How is it the Lord did not answer my prayers, my pleas for help? I am unwilling to obey the Church. I am unwillingly to accept that my Lady must be condemned forever in Purgatory. The will in me has been lost. My strength crumbled as I saw the loss of the one closest to me. I am not strong; I cannot survive without my lady. She has been

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