Macbeth Passage Analysis

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This passage is a key aspect of this play because it demonstrates Macbeths feelings on the killing of King Duncan, this scene takes place whilst King Duncan is over for dinner. Previously Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have come up with a plan to kill King Duncan. During this passage, Macbeth contemplates the death of Duncan and the deed is about to do. He is aware of why he should go forward with the killing and understands the power he will receive but fears the reputation he will get not just on earth but also in heaven. Macbeth knows that Duncan is not just a king but also a kinsmen and guest, a good one. The king trusts him, Macbeth should always protect King Duncan and he is hosting him for supper so therefore should be closing the door in his murderer’s face, not trying to murder him. This is the first time we see a different of Macbeth, a more venerable side of him a less confident side to him. Before this scene takes place Lady Macbeth finds out that Duncan will be spending the night at the castle and will be staying for dinner, Lady Macbeth says that he will never see the day again. She tells Macbeth whilst they are visiting act like and “innocent flower, but be the viper hiding beneath it”. When Duncan, Malcom, Banquo, Lennox, Macduff, Ross and Angus arrive at the castle with a warm welcome from Lady Macbeth they all comment on how beautiful the castle is, but Macbeth is nowhere to be seen, it is obvious at this point the planned murder weighs more on Macbeth rather
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