Macbeth Scholarship Essay

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Sprinting with my shoulders sagged from the weight of my backpack that was virtually bursting with books and the worries about an upcoming Macbeth paper, I quietly pushed open the doorways of my parents' Chinese restaurant and bolted to the kitchen. I was late. I quickly plopped my backpack next to a bag of frozen chicken, changed into my uniform, and manned the front counter. For the next seven hours, my customers will be greeted with a zealous "Taipei Tokyo, how can I help you" while I simultaneously try to count the syllables of Macbeth's soliloquy with my fingers.
From the moment I stepped into America, I was destined to grow up with a phone in one hand and a notepad in the other. From the large buckets of soy sauce that I once nearly drowned in to the boiling tea keg that I once spilled on my right arm, my parent's restaurant became my home.
My parents grew up in China as illiterates. My mother worked in the rice paddies and barley fields to keep her and her six siblings alive. My father sold himself into slavery at the age of 12 to ensure that his grandfather would have a coffin to be buried in. Together, they came to the United States where
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Instead of catering interest of Fortune 500 companies, I am inspired to connect civilization through international development and entrepreneurship. By studying economic and political science, I can advocate for the prosperity of the greater international community. Not only can a single government legislation influence the entire global market, economics and its analytics can also dictate political structures and regulations. Furthermore, it connects my passion of social and technological entrepreneurship with my love for foreign relations. Through peaceful diplomacy and innovation, I want to empower and connect millions of people around the
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