Macbeth: Shakespeare's Tragic Villain

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Macbeth: Shakespeare's Tragic ViLLain

From nobLe hero to ‘dead butcher', we witness the destruction of a man's character.

How did the destruction come about?
What was actually destroyed was Macbeth's mind. He lost his conscience, his morality, and any connection with goodness. What he achieved by his overwhelming ambition wasn't exactly what he had intended to achieve. And so, he became more determined while his ambitions grew stronger. He couldn't digest the fact that he was winning yet actually losing. He had become king – but he didn't receive the respect, honour and love that Duncan had had. He wanted to prove – to himself, to his wife, to the witches, to everyone – that he was capable of and rightful in being king. But he
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What was Macbeth's singLe worst fLaw?
Macbeth's worst flaw was that he was too ambitious. But before that, his flaw was that he was too naive – he believed what the witches said straight away, without even thinking. Who in their right mind would believe so quickly in something that seemed so unlikely? But Macbeth was different. His flaw was his greed, ambition and desire for power and omnipotence. The moment he started taking interest in what the witches were saying was the beginning of his downfall. He even had to kill the king whom everybody (including himself) dearly loved and respected, just for the sake of fulfilling his incited ambition. His ambition was too strong – he would do anything for it, even murder. And one murder leads to another. He killed Duncan; then he had a feeling that his ‘friend' Banquo was suspicious, and so he killed him too; and then, he killed Macduff's family. It all started with his foolishness, then his overwhelming ambition; then murder, which led to more murders. If Macbeth hadn't listened to the witches, he wouldn't have been so ambitious. In a way, the witches had planted the ambition into Macbeth's heart. Also, if he hadn't killed Duncan, none of the other murders would have taken place. The
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