Macbeth Study Guide

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Macbeth Study Guide
Macbeth Study Guide
Act 1 1. What reason can you think of as why Macbeth is first introduced to us through the witches? E.g.To tell us, that Macbeth was a good guy before he’s darkest wish has been prophesied or for tolled. We learn how Macbeth deals with the prophecy towards the witches have told him 2. Explain what you think is meant by the paradoxical: Fair is foul, foul is fair. E.g. Good is bad, bad is good towards the witches? Macbeth is a fair man who appears foul in the witches’ eyes, but when they tell him the prophecy’s and Macbeth turns foul (bad) he then appears fair towards the witches. Good and evil not so clear throughout the film. Everything iss turned upside down.
Scene 2 provides us with
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(A speech which reflects the thoughts of a character. It is heard by the audience but not by the other characters in the play.)

Act, Scene, Quote | 1. Language feature (if relevant) + explanation of meaning 2. Significance to story/ character/ theme. | Act 1, Scene 1, witches: When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? | EXAMPLE: Rhyme – The three witches meet and allude to meeting again in the future. Disturbance/ unrest in the weather foreshadows something grim to come (witches were to be able to cause bad weather) | EXAMPLES: Act1, Scene 1, witches: Act 1, Scene 1, Captain: Act 1, Scene 2, Duncan: | | Act 1, Scene 3, lines 51-52 Banquo: Good sir, why do you start, and seem to fear Things that do sound so fair? Act 1, Scene 3, lines 83-83 Banquo: Were such things here as we do speak about? Crazy temporarily
Crazy temporarily
Or have we eaten on the insane root That takes the reason prisoner? Act 1, Scene 3, lines 122-126 Banquo: …But ‘tis strange: And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s In deepest consequence | * Banquo is asking this to Macbeth, why does he fear this entire fair/ good news in an instant he should be happy. * Rhyme – Play on words/ Pun: fear/fair (not knowing what’s what) durability. * Banquo thinks or hopes they are hallucinating. He feels something

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