Examples Of Monologue Of Lady Macbeth

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“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow / creeps in this petty pace from day to day.” These are words I reflect upon during this terrible time of anguish and grief. We gather here in sombre circumstances; the loss of an honourable wife, queen and woman that has added another casualty in nature’s bloody rampage. Tragically, over these past few months we have seen the deterioration of a great woman whose conscious ran deep, deeper than many here would have truly suspected.

Lady Macbeth, an intelligent woman, years before her time was the epitome of grace and elegance. Even with all of Lady Macbeth’s beauty and grace she was as strong as Birnam Oak. Without Chuck by my side today, I fear I am a lesser man. For without dearest Lady Macbeth, I would not be the man or king I am today. Now when I return, I will not be greeted by the love and strength I cherished …show more content…

At a moment’s notice, Chuck could have the entire household prepared ready greet our guests with honour and politeness. Calm and collected up until her demise, she was a woman of great character and noble demeanour. Never lacking in wisdom or support in my endeavours, Chuck’s words, sweet like honey, will be how I remember her now.

Tragically, Chuck’s past haunted her, clinging to her hands and heart. No matter how hard she tried, she could not wash away the pain or the demons tormenting her. The soul of Lady Macbeth was blackened by the devil’s touch, a touch that led to a desperate act and end.

As I reflect upon her death, I realise the distance that begun to separate Chuck and I in the time leading up to her tragic fate. Before her demise, we were one soul in love and life, however, the decaying of her mind saw us stand at opposite ends of the kingdom. This terrible fact of our separation at the end of her life will haunt my conscious for eternity, how did a woman I loved so dearly became so

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