Macbeth and Highly Regarded Masculinity

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Interior Monologue Introduction This monologue of Lady Macbeth, which takes place in Act 5, Scene 1, (the events leading up to her suicide.) Lady Macbeth while sleep walking and speaking to herself, reveals the guilt and remorse she has over the murder of King Duncan. The ideologies foregrounded are that power must be taken at all costs, and the resistance to the ideology of femininity. The discourses lady Macbeth operates under were those of power, femininity and morality. The following text is an alternate reading. Monologue [Lady Macbeth enters the room carrying a candle] My thoughts of pride and an overwhelming sense of achievement, an accomplishment due to great ambition, are slowly becoming those of guilt and confusion.…show more content…
Why? To stop the ‘profound visiting of nature' which now ‘shakes my fallen purpose', haunting me into the hours of darkness, stirring me unwillingly as I try to sleep. I feel I may never experience the sanity and the inner peace that I once had until I take my last breath. [She lies down on the bed] I am now forced to lie awake, alone and scared, too afraid to sleep, while horrific images intrude my mind, disturbing what little sanity I have left. I feel that I am losing my mind; I am losing control over my body, my thoughts and actions. When I look at my hands, I do not see the once soft, white skin of a noble woman, but the blood-stained hands of a cold blooded killer. I do not know how long I can carry on. Sooner or later I feel that I will snap. Like a rope stretched so tight, its frayed and withered thread cannot bear the stress any longer. My body, seemingly fine, will soon resemble my broken and corrupted mind, as I lie, motionless, on the remorseless earth below. Finally I will find the peace that has escaped me, finally I will not be confined within a mind that has long surrendered all logic, reason and clarity, and will finally be free. Bibliography • Durband. A. (1990) Shakespeare Made Easy – Macbeth, United Kingdom: Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd • "Macbeth" BBC Worldwide Ltd
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