Macbeth and Stalin

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The great American President Abraham Lincoln said “Nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” (Lincoln). Abraham Lincoln explained that hardships are a part of man’s life and many great achievements are attained by overcoming the difficulties faced in our lifetime. However, the test of man’s character comes through the handling of power. A righteous and moral man wills not exploit its power as opposed to corrupt leader who will pursue his self-interests by misusing his power. Such assumptions can be made with the ruthless and mass murderer dictator, Joseph Stalin and the cruel tyrant from Shakespeare play Macbeth. Joseph Stalin is known as the most merciless and murderous dictator
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His paranoid state ceases him to think otherwise and thus his impulsive state forces him to wreak a terrible revenge on Macduff wife and children. Consequently Joseph Stalin also becomes paranoid of his surroundings, ordering the arrests and carrying out executions of millions of innocent people. Joseph Stalin ordered the arrests of many doctors predominantly Jewish and labeled them as conspiratorial assassins of many notable Soviet leaders. This shows how his mind is in a corrupt psychological state. Corresponding to Macbeth, he has committed mass amount of murders to keep his throne safe. There is also irony between both dictators. Both dictators gain power through killing of previous president and king but now they have to be in constant alert and fear on how they could be killed for power. They have set themselves up for this as both ruthless dictators continued to be in a paranoid and corrupt state till their death. Thus both leaders gain power through the killings of previous leaders; they find themselves now to be in a position where they might be killed for power causing them to achieve a distrustful and immoral state. Lastly, Macbeth gains power but fails to stay in control; as opposed to Joseph Stalin who effectively manages to stay in authoritative of the state until his death. After receiving apportions from the three weird sisters, Macbeth is convinced he cannot be killed by

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